Trying to instill

holiday magicAs crunch time approaches for holiday gifts to be created, I always have big dreams…I think of TONS of things I should have been making that would be perfect for my friends and family.  I am online and finding too many projects that look cool and fun. Then reality hits and I have to edit out several things for the year.

This year, the kids are getting Leapsters, so I was going to sew them personalized messenger bags to fit their game cartridges and console.  As I picked out fabric and narrowed down the pattern and design I wanted, I suddenly stopped.  My kids are not quite old enough to appreciate all that work.  Yes, I would feel good about it.  But, I honestly wouldn’t feel good if I found them tossing it to the side and not really noticing. I went ahead and bought the store-made carrier. And I’m OK with that for now.


Today, my 4 year old daughter and I talked about gifts.  She wanted to paint a picture on a canvas for my mom.  I told her it might be nice to make something for all of her family, so she decided on more paintings.  We went to the craft store and bought canvases and some plain glass votive holders.  When we got home, I showed her how to paint glue on the candle holders and tear tissue paper to put on the sides.  She was so proud of her work, that she showed her 6 year old brother – and then he wanted to make some. Progress.


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