I should probably have started a little sooner on making a new project for gifts…I suppose I work better under pressure.  I have been trying to find a good pattern for an ipod/mp3 case.  Lots of patterns out there…but none seemed to have all that I wanted and easy enough to make without too much fuss.

I started with a basic pouch/pocket.  Ok, but seriously, I need to be able to plug in the headphones to make it usable.  I also wanted a small pocket to tuck those headphones into.  Well, if we’re doing that, I need to make sure the cord is neat alongside the case.  Ideally I would like to be able to sync it while in the case – but that is probably too much.  My second prototype came out OK, but the pocket was a little small, so I am onto the third version.

This is fun, but I feel guilty “wasting” the material.  I know I could have made it with muslin or something else, but that doesn’t seem too much different to me. I guess I will have a handful of pockets for my daughter to stash things in.

Husband wants me to add a place to put it on his belt now – maybe with a carabiner.  Might be asking too much with so little time.  On to make the third prototype –  Stay tuned…

I’m back. Third prototype was so close. This one will be mine. Next one will be the one.


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