Off Task

I had big plans for this holiday weekend…I was going to finally clean out and organize all my sewing supplies while dear husband was out of town.  Instead, I spent the weekend having an extended slumber party with my mom researching genealogy.

We found a ton of stuff the first night, filling out lines that we didn’t have info on before. Tonight we ended up just spinning our wheels.  Lots of dead ends and confusion.  But interesting nonetheless.  It never stops being cool to find who these people are that you are descended from.  We have most lines around to my 6th great grandparents.  We did trace one line to my 14th great grandfather!  Fascinating that almost all were in the United States before we were a country, and everyone came from the British Isles (except Ireland) and a couple of lines in Germany.

We did however make some bruschetta as a snack – too bad my idea for “Quick Soda Bread” really meant a 5 pound chunk of flour in our bellies. Ha!  We had fun though, which is what is important.

I’ll catch up on organizing next weekend!


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