T-Shirt Fun

Megan's tshirt scarfMore bracelet prototypesBracelets to matchScarf for MaddieHad lots of fun making this one!Friend modeling one of my t-shirt scarves
Skirt made from Daddy's Italy T-ShirtT-shirt Dress perfect for CarinaAll the Teest-shirt memory scarfT-shirt pillowT-shirt pillow (back)

T-Shirt Fun, a set on Flickr.

I have a new hobby. and a bit of an addiction. Altering t-shirts into new life.

It started innocently with a t-shirt dress and skirt for my daughter. Then a memory scarf for me.

Who knew how many things you could make out of a bag of t-shirts!

I have now made several t-shirt scarves with leather, braids, colors and had many compliments. Which of course inspires you to make more!

I made memory scarves for my niece, nephew and husband for the holidays and love giving new life to those old favorite t-shirts!

I then played with bracelets this week, finger weaving and survival bracelets.

Unbelievably easy. and so. much. fun!


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