Stirrin’ the pot

Every summer for the past handful of years, I have made apricot preserves.  I first started on a whim and really had fun.  Admittedly, last year was a chore.  I bought too many and they were overripe.  But, in the end, I loved having homemade gifts for friends and family ready to go.

Organic yellow peaches from South Carolina

This summer, our organic produce co-op had no apricots available, so I decided to try peaches.

The peaches look and smell delicious.  I learned a lot about the chemistry of making preserves and tried 3 new recipes.

I made a simple peach preserve recipe that really has a strong peach flavor.  I made an earl grey peach preserve that tasted dreamy with cream cheese and toast.  I made a peach cobbler preserve that made my vanilla greek yogurt taste sinful.

I stirred for about 4 mornings and ended up with over 270 ounces of preserves!  Way too many for gifting and my family’s sweet tooth to manage.

Would you like some?  $4 for a half-pint.  Still have some apricot jam left over from last year too! First come, first served!



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