Don’t try this at home. No, Seriously.

For the past few year, I have been making lots of things out of t-shirts.  I have made scarves, pillows, bracelets, dresses, skirts, and headbands.  My sewing room is full of random little scraps of tshirts in all colors.  It seems like a waste to throw them out – I might find something else to make with them!

So, in looking for more t-shirt ideas, I trolled Pinterest, until I saw the ideal project: the t-shirt rug.  Just what I was looking for!  A use for lots of small scraps of t-shirts! I hatched a plan.  Gather all the scraps and take them on our annual trip to the beach.  I’d have a week of sitting around relaxing and creating a t-shirt rug. “It’ll be done before the week is over!”

The drive to our location is 5 hours.  For 4 hours, I worked on the rug.  This is how far I got.  In 4 hours.

One row around the outside.

One row around the outside.

OK, reality is setting in. Only one row around in 4 hours?  How is that possible? I was tying knots in the row around the outside, and none of the tutorials said to tie knots.  I decide to switch to just putting the t-shirt scraps in and hope the stickiness of the mat and the closeness of the material will hold.

11 hours later.  I now have 4 rows around complete. One thing to note here: I do not have my rotary cutter with me and I have to continually cut all my scraps to the right length and width.  I know when I get home and can do that, the process will speed up.

4 rows done. I definitely didn't bring enough scraps.

4 rows done. I definitely didn’t bring enough scraps.

That being said, if I was buying new knit material to do this – I would definitely NOT be happy.  They might say it is simple and easy. Well, that is true.  But the amount of hours I am putting into a mat to put on my kitchen floor is not the best use of time.  Good thing I can read my book while I am doing it. And I’m happy that all those little scraps around my sewing room are getting cleaned up and put to work.


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