Friends don’t let friends make t-shirt rugs

t-shirt rug progress

So close!

Well, I am getting closer…

I have felt the weight of this rug on me for months now. (It actually does weigh a ton now!) And I haven’t been able to create anything else, without feeling like I just had to finish it.  I am just so surprised at how tedious it is.  I think with knitting, you get into a rhythm and can find a groove.  Making this t-shirt rug – not groovy.  Too much stopping and starting.  It’s easy and pretty mindless.  I just can’t believe for the “small” amount I have left, it will take me about 5 more hours to complete.  And that is if I have enough shirt scraps around.

That being said, I am going to LOVE this rug.  It is unbelievably soft and cushy and I think I might even enjoy doing dishes once it is under foot at the kitchen sink.


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