Finding your muse

Each year around September, I come across an idea for holiday gifts and I start planning and creating. (I don’t usually finish until the last minute, but at least I’m planning!)  Due to a new job taking up brain space, I didn’t even have a suspicion of an idea.

This was Dante's mock up, created on his iPod.

This was Dante’s mock up, created on his iPod.

Dante, however, had found his muse…and she likes LOLcats.  One weekend, I notice he is mentioning a girl in his class quite often. Then he is suggesting gift ideas for her. We went to an art show for local artist, Coralette Damme, and her block prints finally inspired me! So, I suggest they create their own scratchboard carving for a homemade notepad cover. Carina says, “I can draw a bird or a cat! Here, let me show you!” Dante says, “OK. There will be a brick wall, like for graffiti, you know? Then we will print out a LOLcat and cut it out.  Then we will write “I can haz new LOLcats” and it can be a notebook for thinking up new LOLcats.  Hold on…” He goes over to his iPod and is tapping away. A few minutes go by and I say, “Dante, come on, it is past screen time, time to put the ipod away.” “Just wait mom.  I’ll show you!” Another 2 minutes goes by, “Check your phone.” And he had sent me this image on the left.  He had searched “brick wall” on Google images.  Then he had cropped the original LOLcat and put them all together in a collage app. Using his resources well!

So, he made unique notepads for some friends, including the often mentioned girl from class.  As he was assembling them, he was even picking out different cat photos and then coming up with his own LOL phrase, “that match the mood of the cat.” (His words.) I included some samples below.  He said the girls liked them today and started drawing new ideas already in their notepad!

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Carina’s cat

Carina did a scratchboard of a whimsical cat with a fish on his head and made it in different colors. She had a blast making it and can’t wait to make more!

Now, to find time for my own creations!


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