Good Feelings

When I was first earning my own money and the holidays would come along, I would spend money on people thinking that the more I spent the better the gift.  One year I realized that there was really no difference as long as the gift had meaning.  From that time on, I started making all my holiday gifts and being sure to really think about the people and what would make them happy.  The other day I tried to remember all the things I had made every holiday for the past 20ish years and here are the ones I can remember…

  • photos of family
  • crystals chosen specifically for the person and their personality
  • many years of ornaments
  • wreaths made of wheat
  • cigar box into a trinket box
  • lots of cookies
  • did I mention ornaments?
  • decorated votive holders
  • bath salts
  • light up potpourri boxes
  • take-out menu boxes
  • handmade notepads
  • coasters made of climbing rope
  • origami bookmarks
  • cookie recipe jars
  • hand-sewn tissue holders
  • fabric bookmarks
  • apricot jam
  • wristlets
  • reusable sandwich wraps
  • etched drinking glasses

I know there are many more, but you get the idea.tomatoes from the garden

I work in a career where the results of your labor is subtle and long-term, not something you see immediately most of the time.  So, in my non-work time, I like to see the rewards of what I do.  I love gardening and seeing how much your work paid off.  I love cooking and serving a yummy dish. I love making things and feeling that productive feeling.  I have never been someone who can sit around and do nothing for very long.

Life is too short to not enjoy your time here.  I choose to do the things that make me happy.  Making things makes me happy.


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